Miss Global 2019 – Karolina Kokesova, The Queen With Purpose

Meet Miss Global 2019 - Karolina Kokesova on Her World Vietnam

Her World: Tell us about your journey after winning Global?

Karolina Kokesova: Miss Global is like my second family. I will be forever grateful for this amazing opportunity and I still believe this is just the beginning. With Miss Global I’ve experienced things I have never thought I will be able to do and I have realised who I really am and who I want to be in the future. I can’t wait to crown the new winner and I will be happily by her side and help her out during her travels or anything she needs.

Her World: Who is your favorite pageant queen of all times?

Karolina Kokesova: To be honest, before I joined Miss Global I wasn’t pageant lover, it wasn’t my dream to become the beauty queen but my destiny wanted this journey for me and now when I look back I will be forever grateful. And now when I am already pretty experienced I can say that one of my favorites would be definitely Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015. She seems to be not only very beautiful but very kind and caring and that’s what I like.

Her World: Name 3 of your favorite supermodels

Karolina Kokesova: Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes and our Czech beauty and one of the first VS angels, still beautiful and classy Daniela Pestova.

Her World: If you have to choose one of your favorite fashion brands to wear daily, what and why?

Karolina Kokesova: I don’t have,, my very favorite brand”. I love fashion in general and I wear clothes depending on my mood. One day I can be classy, elegant lady in beautiful dress, another day I am just a normal girl in ripped jeans and sneakers. But I can say I love high quality materials and nice shoes and handbags.

Her World: What next for you

Karolina Kokesova: I work as a model and host in my country and at the moment I am working on my very new project with my boyfriend what is my new foundation called Daya what in Nepalese means compassion. This foundation can help practically anyone, people who are in need just need to fill the form on the website and we pick once in a while the most interesting and touching stories which we support. It means we can help really anyone and I love it.

And obviously I am planning to be still connected with Miss Global organization and travel with the new winner and support her during her reign.

** Credit Team **

Talent: Karolina Kokesova, Miss Global 2019
Photographer: Huy Tran
Makeup and Hair: Ghy Dat Le
Outfits: Tuyet Le
Stylist: Chau Phan
Productions: Cory Couture Productions

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