Ambra Battilana, Model Citizen

Ambra Battilana, Filipina-Italian model breaking down barriers

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Herworld: What’s your full name, where do you reside and who represents you in New York ?

Ambra Battilana: I live in between the States and Italy where I am from and all my family lives, my name is Ambra Battilana Gutierrez as Gutierrez is my mom last name, she is from the Philippines and even if is not my legal name I love using it since she raised me by herself and I’m forever grateful for her. I mostly work in NYC and I’m currently represented by Women360.

Herworld: Who is your favorite designer and why?

Ambra Battilana: I don’t really have one favorite designer, I am inspired by different things and different people, what I prefer is super feminine styles that show the beauty of the female body in a classy way.

Herworld: What is your favorite photo in your portfolio?

Ambra Battilana: I love the portrait I shot for Vogue Philippines, I’m so proud of my asian roots and I’ll keep on showing how Asia is a beautiful continent and how kind and amazing and beautiful people are.

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Herworld: What’s your greatest accomplishment this far?

Ambra Battilana: The fact that I was able to do the job I love for so many years is for me the greatest accomplishment! More years go by and more beautiful things happen! When I started I thought that I had to rush everything. That time was limited but actually more it goes by and more beautiful things happen. So glad to see that now age is just a number and women can do this job till whenever they want.

Herworld: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Ambra Battilana: I like to try many things in life, I studied as a land surveyor to be an architect and I ended up doing modeling so I don’t really know what I will do in the next 10 years but for sure I have so many projects I’m working on.

Herworld: What is your greatest weakness and how do you work to overcome it?

Ambra Battilana: The distance to my family, I grew up in Italy and family is everything for me, so happy that now technology can remove some of these distances. I talk to my mom pretty much everyday!

Herworld: What are your strengths?

Ambra Battilana: I don’t ever give up. I think that is what always gives me results. Since I was a kid I learned hard work and how to not be afraid to start from zero. Don’t be afraid to take risks! Life is all about trying and doing what makes you happy the most!

Herworld: What are you passionate about?

Ambra Battilana: I love food! I cook a lot! So happy to have found in NYC a great friend that is an amazing cook! Everyone calls her Mamma Maura and she teaches me a lot! She is from my town in Italy, Turin! So I feel we get along with each other a lot!

Dress by Lia Stublla Earrings are Vintage. Earrings are Vintage. Shoes by Saint Laurent

Herworld: What is your favorite season of the year?

Ambra Battilana: I feel like being born in May makes me love the spring, flowers make me happy! Love it so much to see everything growing again and the beautiful colors and I try to spend time in nature. It helps me so much to get my feet on the ground to relax.

Herworld: How do you prepare for a new photo shoot?

Ambra Battilana: I drink lots of water and I get a long walk the day before, nothing stressful! I actually don’t love to do crazy workouts, the secret is to relax your mind and your body will follow. First of all is feeling good in your head.

Herworld: What is your dream client that’s on your bucket list?

Ambra Battilana: I just did a show for Louis Vuitton and I love their design and way of thinking, I feel they are so authentic to who they are and keep it consistent without being afraid of anyone and I think that is what always works in this industry and in life, being themselves.
So they have been forever my favorite brand.

Herworld: You have worked with Manny Roman before, what is it like to shoot with him?

Ambra Battilana: He is great, he knows what he wants and he gets it! Shooting is super smooth and the outcome is always beautiful. Is rare to find someone with that connection since the first time we shot! I am so happy to have met him.

Herworld: Describe your perfect day off when you are not modeling?

Ambra Battilana: I do like to take care of myself, getting massages or doing some great facials is my top choices for when I have free time. Everything I do when I have time is about taking good care of myself and treating my body great.

Gloves by Lia Stublla

Herworld: You grew up in Italy, what are your 3 favorite places in the country?

Ambra Battilana: I just discovered Puglia last year and I love it! I was born in the North and I grew up in Turin, it’s a beautiful city but a bit cold in the winter so I definitely love the alps and to go snowboarding but the south of Italy is so beautiful! I highly suggest visiting Amalfi coast on the road with a little Fiat 500 and to stop for a few days in positano! la puglia is so beautiful for food and the amazing cities like ostuni, polignano a mare and gallipoli are great since you are able to walk around and explore it, and another great place but I still have to see more is Sicily! Hopefully this coming summer I can explore more of it, I have only been to Taormina and visited the volcano but the island is all beautiful so I can’t wait to go back!

Herworld: What are you currently watching?

Ambra Battilana: These days I’m watching a lot of tv series, I love things that speak of magic and keep a bit of my mind off reality, I always love to think there is some magic out there in human nature to keep our fantasy and imagination going.

Herworld: What are you reading?

Ambra Battilana: Books are not my thing but I like to learn, I read articles about food and nutrition and how to keep my body healthy and I love psychology so sometimes I research about things I’m interested in learning to understand people and to try and help wherever I can.

Herworld: Favorite food / cuisine?

Ambra Battilana: I grew up in Italy eating pasta everyday so now I don’t really eat much pasta! Seems crazy to say but I actually love that I’m part filipina so I was able to discover different cuisines. My first choice is sushi but all the other asian food is my top choice!

Herworld: Favorite dessert?

Ambra Battilana: Thankfully I do not like desserts much! But sometimes I like to make tiramisù for friends and I end up trying some as well.

Herworld: What’s your dream vacation?

Ambra Battilana: My Dream vacation would be a food exploring trip, I would love to travel and eat and learn to cook different foods in different places. I’m so curious and that would really fill my heart if I can do it.

Ambra Gutierrez is a member of the Model Alliance’s Leadership Council, which aims to help create a safe and fair work environment for other models, and works closely with organizations like Eek Media, Safe Horizon, and Humanility.

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