Belinda – The princess of Latin pop and fashion icon

Celebrating our Christmas cover with mega superstar, Belinda Peregrín Schüll mononymously known as Belinda, is a Spanish-Mexican[8] singer, songwriter and actress.

Herworld Vietnam: Belinda, you have been named as the “Princess of Latin Pop” and have appeared in various American movies, The Cheetah Girls 2 being one of them. How does it feel to represent the Latin community on a vast scale like this?

Belinda: It’s a responsibility and honor as well. Cheetah Girls was a great movie, and working with Disney and Kenny Ortega was an amazing experience. I learned a lot from these experiences, and it’s been an amazing journey.

Herworld Vietnam:  Your new song with Christian Nodal, “Por El Resto De Tu Vida,” is set to release this February! Can you give us more details about it? Will there be a music video to go along with it?

Belinda: This song is amazing because it has our lyrics, personality, and essence. The first song we worked on together was “Si Nos Dejan,” which was a cover for a very famous soap opera in Mexico and the US for the Latin market. But this song talks about our relationship and what we want in the future. “Por El Resto De Tu Vida” means for the rest of your life. The song is bolero and has an urban, new sound. It is a mix of different vibes of music and styles that have never been done before in Christian’s genre of regional Mexican music. We have a music video with it coming, and the song will release in February on Valentine’s Day.

Herworld Vietnam: This year (2021), you released one of the most successful female collaborations, “La Niña de la Escuela,” alongside Lola Indigo and Tini. What was the experience like working with other Latinas in the music industry?

Belinda: I always do music because of love and not because something will be a hit. That’s my goal – to always be proud and happy of my music. This song was amazing because it came from Lola, who told me she wanted to work with me on this song. I loved the meaning because it says a lot. It’s about a young girl in elementary to middle school, and she likes this guy who doesn’t like her back. When she grows older, she feels more secure, and the same guy tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t want him anymore. It is very common at a young age to feel unliked or even to have the guy that we like to see us as a little girl instead of what’s on the inside. It’s a nice message to remind young women that it’s not about what a guy wants; it’s about what we want and when we feel ready to like someone.

Herworld Vietnam: You have released four albums in your career, which have inspired an entire generation with hits like “Luz Sin Gravedad” and “Lolita.” After almost ten years since your last musical project, Catarsis (2013), will we finally see a new album from Belinda in 2022?

Belinda: I’ve been trying to find myself in music, but it’s been very hard. That’s why I haven’t recorded an album – because I haven’t been ready for that. Music has changed in many ways, and I didn’t find myself there. I took time off to work on my other businesses, such as my line of collagen and my shoe line. I’ve been a businesswoman and working on many other things besides music.

It’s been a few crazy years – working on other things and collaborations without having an album. It’s still one of my goals, and I want to focus on an album soon, but I am excited about it because I want to work on something different this time.

Herworld Vietnam: When you plan on releasing an album, what will it focus on?

Belinda: I’m still trying to find that style, but it has to be very genuine and organic and very me. I want to find something different, something that isn’t out there. It’s a process that I am still working on.

Herworld Vietnam: Besides your music career, you’re also returning to acting projects with Netflix! What was it like working on Bienvenidos a Edén? Can you talk about your role?

Belinda: I can’t say much, but I can tell you that it’s amazing to be the main character of a series. It’s going to be an international series, and I’m sure that everyone will love this project. People from many countries will see me acting, and I know it will be dubbed in many different languages. It’s going to be an exciting moment for me too.

Herworld Vietnam: What’s it like being a coach on The Voice Mexico?

Belinda: As a coach, I’ve seen so many talented people especially when coaching for The Voice Kids. They all are so young and love singing, which is something I can relate to because I started my career at the age of eight or nine. It’s been many years – but I can relate to these kids because they come with a dream and they work so hard to do their best on stage. They aren’t nervous or scared because they all are so secure. It’s funny because they’re more confident than some of the adults. As we get older, we get more nervous and anxious, but it’s great to see how secure these kids are.

I always tell them to follow their dreams, never give up, and be confident with what you want. Never listen to other people’s opinions because it can destroy you, especially now with social media. It can be hard to communicate positive messages. Things can be so negative and disrespectful. We have to take care of this new generation and make them feel secure instead of insecure. I like to tell the kids things like this because it all helped me in my career in the past. It’s important for kids to feel good about themselves too.

Herworld Vietnam: One of the props you modeled with was a HolyPaleta popsicle. Did you have fun modeling with this prop and were you allowed to taste it?

Belinda: It was very fun, and we enjoyed taking pictures with the HolyPaleta ice pops. They were delicious! We were grabbing a bite and posing, but the production team also had to tell me to not finish the popsicle. We were having fun, and we had different flavors in different colors and textures. My favorite was the white chocolate one, but there was also a beautiful one with rose petals.

Herworld Vietnam: Can you describe your personal style for me?

Belinda: I don’t have a specific style. I like to be comfortable. When I don’t have to be on TV, I like wearing comfy clothes like pajamas, sweatpants, and baggy jeans.

Herworld Vietnam:  What are some projects you have coming up?

Belinda: I’m going to be releasing Bienvenidos a Edén. We also have the “Por El Resto De Tu Vida” song releasing on February 14. I also have many nice surprises coming up for my fans!

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