The Latin Legend, Ninel Conde

Ninel Conde is a Mexican icon. She is the classic triple-threat with singing, dancing, and acting well under her very stylish belt. From her rise in the entertainment limelight to motherhood, her world is nothing short of inspiring.

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Herworld: As a versatile actress and singer, you’ve given life to so many amazing female characters from Alma Rey on the hit show Rebelde to the antagonist of Mar de Amor, Coral, to the portrayal of Elvina on El Señor de los Cielos. What have you learned from playing these different roles and how have their experiences shaped who you are today?

Ninel Conde: I think the characters you mentioned have been key in my development as an actress. I believe that each character leaves you with a lesson, a learning experience, and are in themselves a school. Each character has its own world. It’s a completely different profile from one to the other. You are nuanced in the way the directors or the producers ask you for the character’s portrayal, and undoubtedly you are imbuing it with your essence as well. Some piece of your essence, of what you are, and that is what makes this character unique.

In the case of Alma Rey for example, the producer allowed me to give her a lot of things that came to my mind, or things that were very much my style like the chihuahua dog, the way Alma Rey dressed, because it was very much the way I used to dress at that time for my presentations. Along with many idioms that I added to the character. So I am very happy and satisfied with the results, and each character is an opportunity to create a different being. I think they all leave a piece of them with
you that shapes you into who you are.

Herworld: If you could play any character in the world, what would be your dream character and why?

Ninel Conde: I don’t know, but I think I’d like to play a character that has actually existed in history. Maybe one from the Bible, like Sarah, maybe Esther, characters that are very interesting, not overly nuanced, and that, in the end, existed in real life and left a mark on humanity.

Herworld: As a woman who has built a name for herself in the tough industry of entertainment, what have been the best and worst pieces of advice you’ve received?

Ninel Conde: The best, I think, is being perseverant, having faith in God, and always entrusting your dreams to God and preparing yourself because you never know when that opportunity will come. You have to be prepared at the level of your studies, at the level of practicing what you want to become.

And the worst advice is to live in the moment. People say, “live in the moment, just enjoy,” and well, no, the truth is that you have to account for every step you take, because everything has a consequence in life and sometimes the consequences are irreversible and they mark you. They mark your future. So be present and mindful of your actions.

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Herworld: What are some of the hardest struggles you’ve faced as a woman and an entertainer in today’s social media driven world, and how have you overcome them?

Ninel Conde: Undoubtedly, the invasion of my private life, right? As every public figure, your private life suddenly becomes public or becomes judged. That is, it becomes a point in which everyone gives their opinion, everyone judges, everyone gets involved, and then they invent so many things about you. They’ll invent so many stories and rumors, and not only about me, but also about my family. And so, that is the most difficult thing I’ve faced, as well as the situation I have with my young son who unfortunately is not living with me right now, and that has been something so circumstantial because of the pandemic and because of many other things that have happened. They have truly been the most difficult things. The loss of my mother who was my manager, who was my administrator and my counselor, my personnel coordinator, everything. She was my greatest example and she was the one who instilled in me the principles that I have today, and the faith I have in God.

I learned that I should not watch toxic things, negative things, because it is energy and all negative energy obviously has a negative impact on your emotions, on your feelings. I have learned to ask all my team, all my family, all my friends, not to send me negative things. I don’t visit toxic gossip sites. Places where they just destroy people with their words. I don’t follow those, and I don’t look at things like that. If I suddenly hear about something negative, or someone sends them to me, I simply discard them and control my thoughts. When we control our thoughts, we can control our emotions, what we are going to feel, and in other words, we can avoid states of depression or sadness.

You learn to control your thoughts, because, if you don’t, you can go crazy in this environment. There’s a lot of misfortunes that have been with celebrities and public figures who have difficult personal situations and did not know how to handle them. So you have to have a lot of control, and also obviously work on it. Listening to talks from different spiritual leaders has helped me a lot like Joel Austin, Joyce Meyer, and so many others that are available on YouTube for anyone. So I repeat, it all starts from your thoughts so it no longer affects your emotions. That is
something that has worked a lot for me.

Herworld: As a mother of two children growing up in our technologically saturated world, what would you say are the pros and cons of having so much information at our disposal?

Ninel Conde: How do you personally use social media to benefit and empower those around you? I always try to be inspirational. To inspire people to have wellness first, physical wellness, emotional wellness. To take care of themselves, because health starts from the inside out as well. Emotional health, mental health, physical health are things I try to inspire people with.

When people write to me, “Oh, you inspired me, I wasn’t going to exercise but I saw your video so I went to the gym, and now I feel better for myself,” that makes my day worthwhile, you know? So I try to do positive things and things that inspire people to make their day better, not just uploading for the sake of uploading content, but trying to inspire and obviously please my fans with nice pictures, with nice content for them. Especially now that I’m launching on the Only fans platform, I try to give nice content for my fans where they receive exclusive content. We recently took pictures in Los Angeles, in Miami, both with different themes, but always with a purpose that can brighten up the moment for my fans.

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Herworld: Who is the biggest inspiration in your life and why?

Ninel Conde: My children. Even though now, as I was saying, I don’t have my little one as I would like to have him, he’s not close to me like I would like, but I have my daughter close by and they are my inspiration. They have always been my motivation. And I am also inspired by everything I always dreamed of, by what I like to do, by being in this environment.

On an artistic level, I have many people I admire, like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Madonna, even Frida Kahlo. Those are my inspirational figures that I love.

And a figure that I admire a lot is Jesus Christ. He is such an interesting person when you study him and you realize that he was the perfect man, the man without sin and the man who was falsely accused without being guilty, who was crucified without any guilt and he never defended himself. He simply asked God to forgive them, to help them because they did not know what they were doing. So that is a great inspiration, because in this world I think we need more love and less revenge, less hate because it does not lead us to anything.

That is my inspiration and my mother always gave us that example, and, as I was telling you, my spiritual leaders and the guides I was mentioning, inspire me. It is not easy because we are sinners and we make mistakes. We are all sinners, that is, not because we have beliefs or that we believe in God, we are going to be saints that are good or conceived without sin, but, at the end of the day, God is good and forgives us. Every day is a new day to do good things for other people, to try to eradicate hatred and resentment. I have learned a lot that when people do something to you it might make you angry, but if you forgive and release it then good will come for you. It’s not for the people you are forgiving, but because you release it from your soul, you release your emotions and let it go. If people believe in God or in the universe as you want to call it, it takes care of putting things in their place and doing justice. And you can live a more peaceful life.

Herworld: Acting and singing are both traditions of storytelling. Can you tell us about a story that has stuck with you throughout the years, and has had an impact on you?

Ninel Conde: As I was telling you, the story of Jesus, which in the artistic medium I bring to our life. Suddenly, when you are judged or when they tell you things that you are or that you are supposed to have done but you were not, are not, or did not do. It makes you so angry and makes you want to go out and clarify and that I’m going to an interview and I’m going to answer. And now if you know. And what Jesus taught was that he kept quiet and that his Father, that God took it upon himself to do justice for him, to prove to the world that he really was the Son of God, not of those who mocked and who said he was a blasphemer, but he never defended himself. So that is a great teaching that is not easy, because we always try to defend ourselves and try to get our claws out for ourselves or for our children and God teaches us that we have to leave justice to him.

And it is not easy, it is not easy, but I have done it a couple of times and believe me it works and you free yourself a lot, you feel much better. When a false accusation is raised against you, and this can be among family, friends, or artists, it’s not worth it to clarify, it’s not worth it to say oh, it’s not true. Why? Because life and actions are in charge of speaking for you and I believe that God arranges everything that way. That is one of the teachings that I have liked very much in life and that I would like to share with people who really don’t care. If a cousin, a sister, a niece, a friend, a brother-in-law, even the beau, the ex-beau, is talking bad, let them be. Leave them, really leave them. Put yourselves in God’s hands and God will take care of clearing our name.

Herworld: You’ve got upcoming tour dates for your fans to see you. It also seems you’re in the studio working on new music. Can you tell us more about your upcoming musical projects in the works?

Ninel Conde: Look, I am very happy because I have several musical projects with different artists, collaborations, different rhythms and right now, well, I recorded music in Los Angeles with a Colombian guy that I can’t tell you who it is, but he is a very, very famous in Colombia and we recorded a song. We are going to record another song now that I am going to Los Angeles. I’m leaving this weekend and I’m also going to record another song with a producer called Saga, who is the producer of Nicky Jam and many others in Miami. Then I’m going to record with a group that is also very well known at the regional level in Mexico, and I’m also going to release a song as a soloist.

So, I’m happy because it’s one of the things I like to do the most – making music. I like acting, but I am passionate about music, being on stage. I have many presentations coming up. I have my tour in the United States. I have my tour here in Mexico with several shows, and it is what I love to do the most.

Herworld: Any last words for our readers?

Ninel Conde: Just sending them a big kiss. I loved doing this cover. It was a lovely experience, and don’t miss all my updates on my social networks from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, you can find me at Ninel Conde, and obviously on my new page. There you can find all the exclusive content, and many more things in my online store. We are working on my business side, with products that help with weight loss, with
supplementation products to improve health, which is all in my new online store, Obviously take a look around for lots of cool stuff!

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