The Fascinating, Carla Abellana

Carla Abellana is one of the best Asian actresses from the Philippines that she won many awards during her acting career. To celebrate our 13th Year Anniversary, we have chance to have a talk with Carla

Herworld Vietnam: So good to see you! Catch me up on quickly and tell me what is new with you?-

Carla Abellana: I’m getting married in 3 days as i respond to this! My Fiancee and i just finished two new shows we worked on separately, we are in the process of building our dream home and look forward to starting our new life together as husband and wife!

Herworld Vietnam: (Think: quick life updates, new projects tv or movie show, and segue into wedding)

Carla Abellana: I saw that! Tell me about the wedding, and what was your inspiration behind the theme or the designs?- I’ve always dreamt of having a romantic, elegant, classic and classy wedding with lots of white flowers, candles, lanterns, twinkling lights and the softness of chiffon and tulle. Also, my favorite color is white so i wanted white to be the predominant color, but with black as an accent.

Herworld Vietnam: Congratulations! I can’t wait to learn the full details. I also have been curious about your glam and make up, it’s very fresh and glowy! Is there a beauty secret tip you can share with me and your readers?

Carla Abellana: Drink lots of water as if you’re so thirsty all the time! It’s the cheapest beauty product, next to sleep. Also, start on a skincare routine as early as your early to mid 20s. Be sure to avoid harsh cosmetics first and try to stick to those with natural ingredients instead. No to SLS, Parabens, Mineral Oil, PEGs, EDTA, Silicon, etc. When you hit your 30s then that’s when you can start introducing your skin to skincare products that may have Retinol, AHA, BHA, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, etc. to address aging. Eat lots of vegetable and fruits, plus consult a Dermatologist for more serious skin issues.

Herworld Vietnam: Wow. You always look so fresh! I’m sure with the wedding coming up and your constant work schedule, you are always busy. So how do you find time to organize and balance between work and doing your personal time including your wedding planning?

Carla Abellana: I try to multi-task and make sure i dedicate a few hours of my day for various tasks like wedding planning, filming work or for work at home, errands, and meetings with our Architect, to name a few of the many things i have been extremely busy with. I make a to-do list and set schedules and alarms on my phone to keep track of deadlines. It can get overwhelming, most especially because of wedding planning during a pandemic, so more often than not it’s also all about taking deep breaths, closing my eyes, praying, drinking coffee and focusing on the good things, so i won’t lose myself in the craziness of having a busy schedule.

Herworld Vietnam: Thank you so much! It’s always to good learn new things. I’m curious to know because we are a huge fan and supporter of your animal welfare advocacy, what is your constant inspiration in doing this?-

Carla Abellana: The strays, the abandoned, neglected, traumatized and abused cats and dogs all over our country are my inspiration. I mean, what else would it be, right For as long as there is 1 of them left to fend for himself/herself out there, then my battle for giving them a voice and to fight for their rights will never go away. They will always be my inspiration and my drive to continue advocating for animal welfare.

Herworld Vietnam: Amazing. So happy to catch up with you. I’m sure this new coming year will be very different and exciting for you. What should we expect in 2022 from you?

 Carla Abellana: Definitely a new show or two on GMA! Or, hopefully and God-willing, a baby?

** Team Credit **

Photography: DENNIS SULIT
Creative Direction: JOBO NACPIL 
Art Director: BENNY DUY BANG
Set Design: STEF LIM
Producer: Cory Couture Productions with FTL Moda 

Herworld Vietnam 

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