Tayla Luu: I would like to challenge myself

Tayla Luu starting at SMU University this year with plastic surgeon degree. She says that she wants to challenge herself at SMU to one day acquire those talents

Herworld: You starting at SMU University this year with plastic surgeon degree, tell us why plastic surgery?

Tayla Luu: Plastic surgery is an art form, it requires delicate hands and sharp eyes. I’ve never had either but I would like to challenge myself at SMU to one day acquire those talents.

Herworld: As your mother won the biggest pageant titles in the world, Mrs Universe 2017, do you follow her footstep one day?

Tayla Luu: I haven’t really thought about it but this right here might be the first step to follow her! She is my role model and I wouldn’t trade her for anything else in this world, she’s molded me into the person I am today.

Herworld: Who is your favorite singer and what made you feel to fall for his/her songs?

Tayla Luu: Currently, it’s Olivia Rodrigo. Her music is so heartfelt and honest. I feel like I can relate to her music because we’re the same age. My favorite song from her album is “good 4 u.”

Herworld: Who is your favorite music band and why?

Tayla Luu: My favorite band is Blackpink. Each member is strong and empowered, but they can also showcase a cute and more “girly” side. My bias is Lisa because she is the main dancer and as someone who has danced for most of her life, I deeply respect her dancing and dedication.

Herworld: Name your 3 favorite colors and why?

Tayla Luu: When I look at baby blue and a pastel purple color, I just feel relaxed and happy like a child. White is my other favorite color because to me it represents purity and innocence.

Herworld: Which is your favorite food that you could eat all the time?

Tayla Luu: There’s a Vietnamese dish called “banh canh.” It’s a mixture of thick noodles, a variety of seafood, and fresh herbs all in a savory soup base. My grandmother makes it the best, I wish she would cook it everyday that way I can eat it everyday.

Herworld: Tell us more about you and your future plans?

Tayla Luu: I’m 18 years old and I love to play golf and tennis. Recently I’ve been getting more into fashion, especially vintage clothing. I think my love for vintage comes from watching Emma Chamberlain, my biggest fashion icon. I have a pet pomeranian who I just adore and love to play with whenever I can. In the future, most likely at SMU, I would love to go study abroad in Korea. Not only do I want to explore the culture, Korea’s innovation and technology makes them number 1 in the plastic surgery field. I want to learn from them and incorporate their techniques here in America.


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