Famous influencer Zihan Weng on her way to be successful entrepreneur 

Zihan Weng is a fashion model, influencer, and the driven entrepreneur behind sunglasses brand, Zihan Eyewear. The next phase, Zihan Weng is opening her own Floral Business and wants to spread love and beauty to all that needs it at this difficult time going around in the world.

Born in Taiwan in 1995, Zihan Weng first began modeling when she was 18 years old. A lover of fitness with a strong sense of personal style, Weng quickly grew comfortable being in front of the camera. She began to have a following on social media soon after, as her followers grew enamored with her life and style.

Weng went on to compete in the 2019 Miss Asia competition, dazzling the competition and winning the “Perfect Goddess” award. In 2020, her successful pursuits continued as she sought a promotional role in a much different field: golfing! Weng was the face of a “100-days to break through 100-par” golf challenge. Her promotion of the challenge inspired many younger generation golfers to follow suit and harness their skills.

Keeping her forward motion, 2021 is when Weng took the big leap and started her own sunglasses business, Zihan Eyewear. As if starting a new business wasn’t enough of an accomplishment, to help kick off Zihan Eyewear’s launch Weng produced a commemorative theme song called “Dizzy” with Sha Shin Label. Ever versatile, she also pursued her passion for floral arrangements and became licensed as a florist.

Now to the present day, Weng has hit over 2.7 million followers on lnstagram. She enjoys doing ample promotional work for brands and celebrities while continuing to grow her own personal brand. She is grateful for all the success so far and wants to do her part to send more positivity out into the world, aiming to do more philanthropic activities in 2022, as well as starting a floral business called Zihan Rose to spread more love and beauty to the world.

Herworld: You are currently busy as an influencer and with your eyewear brand, What or Who inspired you to open a floral business?

Zihan Weng: As to me, flowers and women are the most beautiful things in the world. Every flower is worthy to be appreciated and so as every woman. That’s why I would like to bring this message to every woman and let them know they deserve better.

Herworld: How long have you been learning to do floral arrangement?

Zihan Weng: I have been learning flower arrangement for one year and I am still learning it because I think I can be better.

Herworld: Who is your favorite florist? Why do you like him/her?

Zihan Weng: My favorite florist is LOUIS-GE:RAUD CASTOR who is a famous florist in fashion industry and he has done so many collaborations with many fashion shows.

I also adore the way how he made his flower arrangement because from what I see it is not just a flower arrangement but an amazing oil painting, a form of art.

Herworld: I heard you want to use “preserved flower” or “forever rose” to create a trend for gift package. What is the reason as to not use the fresh flowers?

Zihan Weng: I would be rather using “forever rose” than fresh flowers because it lasts longer and also it means forever happiness and eternal heart.

Herworld: What is your future goal in this business within 3 years?

Zihan Weng: I have so many ideas in my head right now, and I will show my work little by little within 3 years, so please stay tuned with Zihan Rose @Zihan.Rose. I wish that I can bring my brand globally and everyone will like it.

Herworld: If you want to make a special “forever rose” gift package for someone you adore, what color of flowers you will choose and how many of them? What does it mean to you?

Zihan Weng: I will use 1314 red forever roses to create a special bouquet for my significant others. Forever roses must give away to someone who you love the most. In Chinese the number is of 1314 sounds like “one life and forever,” and it is not only showing my love but also a commitment for my love one.

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Zihan Floral: https://www.instagram.com/zihan.rose
Zihan Eyewear: https://www.zihaneyewear.com
Zihan Weng: https://www.instagram.com/babe.weng

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